Track List
  • Starting Over
  • White Liars
  • CPR / Claws Pt 2
  • Ghost Train
  • Intermission
  • Happy People
  • 'Old Haunts
  • New Cities'
  • Mouth of the Cave
  • Belly of the Cavern
  • The Sickness Unto Death

Hunger and Thirst

Released in May, 2010

Or “Songs of Appetite & Indigestion.” We recorded this record in 2009-2010 in an old rental house where a few of us were living in southeast Portland. I was beginning a lifelong fascination with the problem of desire (stumbling upon the simple but profound fact that wanting something and having something are mutually exclusive things did a number on me from which I never quite recovered) and the songs reflect that preoccupation.

There’s a warmth to the album that comes in part from it being recorded in a single wooden room inside a house where at any given time there were always people passing through. Several folks joined the band by osmosis, passing through the thin membrane between hanging out and singing songs with friends. We were kids - we didn’t really know what we were doing and we had a beautiful time doing it.

If you don’t have time to listen to the entire record, try CPR / Claws pt. 2. If you don’t have time for seven-minute existential jam, then maybe just go see what the spotify playlists are up to.


Songs by Kyle Morton Arranged & Performed by Typhoon

Kyle Morton - vocals, guitar, bass, piano Toby Tanabe - bass, vocals Dave Hall - guitar, vocals Eric Stipe - trumpet, vocals Tyler Ferrin - trumpet, trombone, french horn, vocals Grant Hall - mellophone, vocals Paige Morton - violin Erin O’Ferrell - violin Pieter Hilton - drums, percussion, vocals Alex Fitch - drums, percussion, vocals Devin Gallagher - percussion, glockenspiel, vocals Nora Zimmerly - vocals, bells Danielle Sullivan - vocals Maia Boboia - vocals

Additional choir singers: Anna Ottum, Phil Gaudette, Olivia Miller, Chris Dubois

Recorded and mixed by Paul Laxer at the house on SE 26th Avenue, Portland, OR