Live at the Crystal Ballroom

Released in June, 2015

If being on TV once wasn’t enough to get our parents off our backs, headlining the Crystal Ballroom did the trick. No, in all honesty though, our parents have always been really supportive. Inexplicably so.

The show came on the heels of a punishing amount of White Lighter touring, coupled with the fact that we were all super giddy and nervous to be playing the Crystal which resulted in what I think you’ll agree is a very tight, very uptempo performance. Just listen to those drums at the end of Young Fathers. Gives me a little panic attack every time.

Note: this is the only existing recording of Reed Road - originally slated to be the penultimate song (and dramatic catharsis) of White Lighter only to be unceremoniously edged out by Common Sentiments.


Songs by Kyle Morton Performed by Typhoon

Kyle Morton - vocals, guitar, keys Toby Tanabe - bass, vocals Dave Hall - guitar, vocals Shannon Steele - violin, vocals Jen Hufnagel - violin, vocals Pieter Hilton - drums, vocals Alex Fitch - drums, vocals Tyler Ferrin - trumpet, french horn, vocals Eric Stipe - trumpet, vocals Ryan McAlpin - trumpet, vocals Devin Gallagher - ukulele, percussion, glockenspiel, vocals

Recorded and mixed by Paul Laxer at the Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR Mastered by Gus Elg